Marketing is fueled by the People...

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...Lets add to that fire

Military Boots

Tactical Services

This is for people who understand what needs to get done. You need Editing, Content Creation, Perception, Social Media, Emailing, Sales. You need someone to execute the strategy.

A King Chess Piece

Strategic Services

This is for people who need a blue-print to follow. How can Social Media be used to advance your cause? How can blogging help bring your ability to the forefront? I will write you a 1-4 page recipe to follow. If you already have such a plan, I can help you review and refresh it (recommended once a year).

A Businessman

General Consulting

Need some consulting to help you with your media but don't want to pay to have someone manage it for you? Spend a few hours with me and I will help you strategize the most effective solution for you.

A Businessman

Jam Session

In need of my services but don't have enough time? Your organization knows what needs to happen,and needs someone to helpt sort out the details? For 1 business day(8 hours), myeslf (and a few others if necessary) will come in to help you sort out those minute details.

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Come. Find Out Why

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Derrick Idleburg Jr.

Founder of Far From Idle

I wanted to pursue Dentistry, then I pivoted into Entrepreneurship. Since that decision in 2010, I started a new business for a hospital system, worked with Cynthia L. Wright, Author of Career Toy, O. Albert Okagbue, Founder of Student Loan CPA and with multiple start-ups through Far From Idle.

Cynthia L. Wright, Author of Career Toy

“Derrick has a talent and skill for marketing and social media. He is intuitive and listens to his client's needs, and is quick to respond to any questions or concerns...I would recommend Derrick to anyone looking for help with their social media and branding needs.”

O. Albert Okagbue, Founder of

“I have known Derrick for several years. In that time I have been impressed with his keen interest in all things marketing... he has an intuitive sense of what works and what doesn't. I enjoy reading about his adventures with marketing ideas...”

Ashley Hoffman, VP of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at Brazen Careerist

“ Derrick has what I admire most in colleagues: he's extremely proactive, a hard worker, and a team player. He's also very creative and will go above and beyond what's asked of him to better the team...”

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