Things I love: Baseball

The Great Sport
The Great Sport

Baseball is something that I have been around for all of my life. I was exposed to it at a very young age because my father used to be a coach. When I was younger, for some reason I was never terribly interested in playing. Luckily my father wasn’t and isn’t one of those fathers who try to relive their dreams through their children, so he let me be me. This is something that I appreciated all my life. My parents never told me what I should do; only what I want to do. I feel like that is a blessing because I know a lot of people whose parents made them go into medicine, or made them play a certain sport.

Baseball to me is similar to life. Every choice that is made has a repercussion, and other people are affected by that decision. Though I choose not to play the game, partly because I didn’t want to and because I wasn’t that great it has always been one of the best places for me to clear my mind. It’s exciting, intense, eventful, strategic, fast paced, relaxed, slow paced and just plain fun. It’s one of the things that I and my father share a passion for and what always connects us.
When I am at a baseball game, I feel like it is my second home. Everyone is welcoming and there to enjoy a baseball game, eat some food, and relax. The swing of the bat, a 90 mile an hour curveball, a beautifully landscaped field, the smell of beer, peanuts and hotdogs filling the air; it’s the simple things about baseball that appeal to me. I really do love this game. I love the strategy, the atmosphere, the fans.
I think that this is part of the reason why I have told a few close people that I would love to work in baseball. My dream would be to actually manage a baseball team, not so much own because there would be more liability on my end, and less management of a team. Maybe I will own a team too. That however would take some time. However, it is not impossible. I think this would be something that would make me very happy. In short, I LOVE BASEBALL. My favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals. However, that will be saved for another article.
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