Things I love: Dentistry

Dentistry is very interesting. I actually began looking into dentistry as a career in high school because of my English teacher. Ironic, however I had a very strong relationship with this teacher. She was very helpful for me in my college decision process, amongst other things. The more I looked into Dentistry, the more I began to like it.
What I enjoyed the most about it was the creativity and Business Management skills it required. Not the science aspect. The creativity required for dentistry is simple. One has a small amount of space with which to work and fix an issue in the mouth. I am completely sure that there is a much more detailed explanation of this; however this isn’t something I would do for free.
The business side of this is very interesting because as a dentist, a majority of them are entrepreneurs. They build their business from the ground up.  All of this work goes along with the work required for working in patients mouths.
As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the science did not appeal to me much. I’ve always been decent at science; however it is not my strongest suit. I think my teachers in high school knew this, which is why they never suggested I look into dentistry. Especially Biology; I hated it then, and now I despise it more, especially since I was crazy enough to keep trying to take these courses in college.  This essentially leads me to where I am now.
I think that deep down; even though I did love dentistry I probably always knew it was not for me. Part of the problem is that I was trying to please others. None of that now; based upon the way that I have talked about dentistry in these last few paragraphs, I would say that I don’t love dentistry at all; I doubt I really like it at all either. What appealed to me more was the entrepreneurship, management, creativity, organizational development, and interaction with others appealed more to me than going through eight years of Biology classes and debt to do something I am marginally excited by. I think this is starting to tell me something…..
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