Things I love: Video Games

Game on.
Game on.


Ah Video games this wondrous bunch of pixels, vibrant colors and graphics has been on the forefront of my hobbies since I first received a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), back when I was about 7. My first game was Super Mario 3. I’ve been a gamer ever since.

Many argue that video games are a waste of time, that they teach nothing, and whatever other complaints people have about video games. I think these people either are horrible gamers, or they have not given video games a chance. This is not going  about why video games are great, but more about why they have a grasp on me.

As stated earlier, the NES was my first gaming system. This was my first exposure to the world of gaming. I would say that had I gotten a hold of something else as a first system, my views on video games would be drastically different. Super Mario 3 was the first game I owned, and it was superb. I had no idea what platforming was, but it was awesome! The epic battle between Mario and Bowser, the many secrets, the frustration. Duck hunt was another game that I loved as well. Since I was 7, my parents limited what games I could get a hold of. Duck Hunt  brought me into shooters. It is still one of my favorite genres to this day. Lesson: Perseverance.

About two years later, the Sega Genesis became the forefront of gaming. It was here that Sonic one of my favorite games ever created, was first exposed to me as well as Comic Zone, and one of the best platform/shooters ever, Vectorman. Oddly the SNES was not in my life at this point because I was a little tired of Nintendo at this time. I still loved it, but I needed something new.  Lesson: Imagination

Fast forward a few years to the onset of the handheld realm. Other games and systems were purchased during this time, however in this period, gaming was a little lackluster (1994-1997)

If you are a millennial  like myself, then you experience  the wonder that was Pokémon. Pokémon was the first game to truly drag me into handheld gaming. Pokémon not only solidified my love of gaming, it also showed me management, and  organization skills.

I LOVE video games. I feel like I should do an article on each game and it’s significance, however that is for another day. Stay tuned.

I simply love video games. They were a crucial part of my childhood because it helped to bring out my imagination, storytelling, artistic values. It helped me to learn perseverance, management, hand-eye coördination, teamwork via multi-player gaming, and just how to have a good time. Regardless of my age, I will always be a gamer.

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