The proper way to shave.
The proper way to shave.

Let’s take a trip off the beaten path today and not talk about things I love. Let’s just talk.

Saturday is one of the best days of the week because it gives me a chance to relax, work a bit, watch some college ball, and reflect on the  week. This week was very interesting because I was reminded how normal I was. Let me define something now. When “Normal” comes out of my mind, I really mean weird. Weird is great though. Not weird in the sense that there is an odd obsession with a toy, or a color, or doing a certain thing.

By weird I just mean off the beaten path. There was a speech that had to be administered, and I did something a little different from my peers. For this, I was heckled and laughed at for what I had done. (Just to let you know, it paid off on my grade. No worries.)

Many tend to get embarrassed or defensive once they are laughed at. I did my best to embrace it.

The week has been a great one. Busy but great. I had a great day out with my baby, watched football all day today, and I’m heading to a NFL game tomorrow.

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