Things I Love: Management

The reason that management brings me more enjoyment is because it allows me to creatively direct others on order to get something done. Being a great manager, requires one has to become managed. That is a reason why I have many mentors. They all give me great advice, and help me manage myself. It’s a great balance.

There is not much I have to say on this subject, except that I enjoy it, and it shows in the different things that I have done so far.

Management in my eyes means the following; to mentor. I enjoy being mentored, and I am a mentor.

Far From Idle

Like a bawse.
Like a bawse.

One thought on “Things I Love: Management

  1. FFI,

    Idu Charles here. I would be interested to see you probe “management” a bit more and define it. It’s a bit more than “mentoring” – in fact many managers do not really mentor because they are busy doing other things. How well do you fare with the other aspects? Maybe part II is in order.



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