Things I Love: Technology



Technology is one of my passions. It’s been something that has interested me since playing Madden on a floppy.

Technology helps us out in so many ways, it almost borders insanity. However it isn’t. Technology has helped us in healthcare, gaming, food, education, business, vehicle manufacturing, and sports. You name it, technology has had some effect on it.

Now, this is not a time to advocate for the helpfulness of technology, nor to rant about it, this is merely why I love it; Ingenuity.

Technology or better yet those who make new and innovative technology are what I love about technology. Those are some ingenious people.

I think that technology is something that is innovative and will stay innovative as long as people continue to do things for good. Now I know that some use it for not so great things, however that depends on the person.

Cheers to you technology.

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