Things I Love: Science (Physics)



Science is something that I love, however it is definitely not something I would do for free. Mainly because I don’t truly love it. I love what it can offer, but I don’t love it.

In high school, I was horrible in Biology, decent in Chemistry, and I excelled in Physics.

Part of this was because of my love of video games. There is a lot of physics involved in gaming, and pretty much everything else that happens around us, and even inside us. Physics was cool. It was enjoyable for me. Unfortunately, my math skills were never the strongest. I’ve taken Calculus three times throughout high school and college and it still makes no sense. Needless to say, though I love Physics it definitely was not for me.

Chemistry was alright, by no means did it truly ever interest me. It always seemed like a lot of mixing chemicals, and no really cool applications like Physics provides.

Biology was my worst science class in high school! This was something that did not cross my mind when my pursuit for Dentistry began, until I took the same Biology course three times at my college. That should have told me something. In Biology, misery was the only thing I could associate with it. It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t interesting. There was a lot of memorization. The only fun part was dissecting animals. Even then, I wasn’t that excited. This section here is exactly why switching to Dentistry was a poor decision. You live and you learn though. Going down this path really forced me to do something I had not done in college yet. Figure out who I really am. However that is for another day.

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