Things I Love: Movies

cinematic adventure

Oh the Cinematic Adventure. There is nothing better than a good movie to make someone’s day. Take me for instance. Yesterday, and pretty much this past week was not what I would consider one of my favorite weeks. There was a lot going on, and not enough time to process everything.

Recently myself and my girlfriend viewed the cinematic adventure known as Due Date (2010). There will be no spoilers in this article, mainly this is just to prove a point.

A movie can do so much to the viewer in a few hours that it is mind-boggling. The film can make you laugh, cry, love, anger, learn something new, and the list goes on. Particularly, my favorite genre is comedy.

I love to laugh. It’s a release for me. Which is why Due Date (2010) is mentioned. At first, I was not sure what to think of it. The movie became progressively funny from it’s onset.

Besides, movies are just fun, regardless of the type.

So do yourself a favor, and go watch something you’ve never seen before. You might like it.

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