This week, I had the pleasure of going home. As usual, I wasn’t disappointed. A little annoyed? Yes.

I love coming home. I’ve been enjoying hanging out with family and old friends. However, I did not come home to instantly know what I am going to do. The same questions came up again. What do you want to do? Blah? Blah? Blah? That’s what it’s beginning to sound like when people ask me this question. It might be rude, but I tune it out.Typically, I answer the question as vaguely as possible.

I may not like answering the question (because I don’t have an answer), however I did receive some good advice from those who did listen to what I had to say about this journey instead of telling me what I should do. There were only a few who did it, so no real worries.

However, I will talk about that later. I am still home.

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