What Pokémon Taught Me.

Yes, Pokémon.

The adventures of a boy and his Pokémon on a quest to become champion. There is more to this anime than most are willing to believe.

I have been a fan of Pokémon since 1997. When I was younger, I admit that I was only watching it to see the awesome battles, interesting animation and imaginative Pokémon and completely overlooked the lessons that were in each episode.

Since I have gotten older, I like to go back now and then to watch a couple of episodes.

Pokémon is now in its 13th season. They have twelve feature length films, a slew of video games, card games, manga, comics, toys and clothes.

Pokémon offers a ton of lessons for their viewers whether they want them or not. The following lessons are most important to me: quitting, work hard, and belief in yourself. There are many other lessons, however these were the most important to me.

Quitting. This is a lesson I have dealt with and deal with often. In the program, there have been instances where the main character gets into a bind he knows is impossible. There are many instances of this throughout the entire series.

As the show progresses, so do the characters. The main character, Ash, is very bull-headed and stubborn from the onset. The audience realizes this early on because Ash goes in head first into just about anything. As the story progresses more, he makes better decisions, and learns about quitting. Since he is responsible for the Pokémon that are with him, he realizes that he cannot push them when they are hurt because he believes they can do it. He learns the limitations of his Pokémon and knows when to quit to keep them safe.

Work Hard. As far as cartoons and anime go, Ash is by far the hardest working character in a television series. In the show, if he is not battling, he is practicing or on a side quest with his companions. The show teaches every viewer something that is more important that just working hard. Hard work is great, and you must have it along with other factors for success, however even though you work hard does not mean you will succeed. This happened often in the series. Ash would train and train, only to lose. If he won all the time, this show would have ended a long time ago. I wish I had thought back to this earlier. I work very hard, however I am not on my way to becoming a dentist. The other factors I needed in my favor never worked out, i.e. Biology


and lack of interest. Essentially, I needed to find something else. I’m working on that.  In regards to the show his hard work eventually pays off. This is a show, not my life. I work hard, I just need to make sure I am working hard at the right thing and in the right way. So far, I haven’t found that. I am making progress.

Believe in yourself. If you understand nothing else from this show, this is the one thing that you should always take home. Belief in yourself. Ash gets ridiculed and harassed by rivals, and bad characters and even some Pokémon through the show. That does not stop him. He believes in himself so much, that when he falls, he dusts himself off and tries again. He is able to do this because of the people who believe in him. Plain and simple. There must be a support system aside from you in your endeavors. Otherwise, forget about what it is you want. I know for a fact that I have some great people backing me in my corner. My parents, my friends, my girlfriend, my mentor, my brothers. All these people know who they are. Without them, I am sure that my failures would be harder to get over than they have been. I think that believing in yourself is something that doesn’t come easy, but once you truly do fail or succeed it will be ok.

That is what Pokémon has taught me. I implore all of you to check out a few episodes sometime. You won’t regret it.

Far From Idle


2 thoughts on “What Pokémon Taught Me.

  1. Great post about a great show. I think you hit the nail on the head with some of the things you pointed out also. I used to watch the show – and while seeing Ash’s growth – I admittedly never really turned the lessons of the show inward. Lol – I’m feeling all “Man in the Mirror”-ish now.

    I’ll make sure and check out some episodes dude and spread the gospel of Pokemon!

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