What I Would Do If I Could Not Fail?


The simplest question I’ve been asked all year.

If I could not fail, I would be a Paleontologist, Horologist, a video game designer, a writer/novelist, a motivational speaker and a Franchisee.

Disclaimer: Things said are my opinion. For the sake of time, I gave very general reviews of the subjects discussed after this statement.

Paleontologist. Though it is not only about the study of dinosaurs, that is the part of paleontology that interests me. From a very young age, I had interest in dinosaurs. The reason I stayed away from this is simple. Biology. As many of you know, I despise biology. Not because it is not interesting, but because my brain is not wired for its study. Biology and Geology are the main foundations of Paleontology. Seeing as I am hideous with Biology, it probably makes more sense for me to just read up on this subject, visit museums, etc. Trust me, if I was even a B student in Biology, I would have pursued this. I knew otherwise fortunately so I never committed myself to it. I think this will always be a hobby for me. A really cool one. I am so happy this was rekindled recently…

Horology. Horologist. What is this you ask? The science of measuring time. In short, watchmaking. I hear constantly that you should do something that you love. Something I have always loved has been watches, their design, technology and intricacy. I have actually done a lot of research into this one. It is a very interesting profession. There are now 11 schools in the USA that have watchmaking programs. The goal for many watchmakers is to train in Switzerland. It is fitting because that is where the best of the best are. This is something I am seriously researching…

Video Game Designer. I have been a gamer since I developed enough hand-eye coördination to play Super Mario on the NES. I’ve gamed as long as I have walked and talked. Because I am so interested in gaming, I would love to do this. However, a lot of programming is involved, and honestly I am not a good programmer. I am sure it is something else, but that just proves it. I’ll look it up later. Maybe I will write a story for a video game, and let the designers carry out the idea with my approval…

Writer/Novelist. I like to write. This issue is having content people want to read. That is the hard part. Anyone can write. Will anyone read it? That is the real conundrum….

Motivational Speaker. I love to talk. However, I am not a fan of public speaking. I can do it, my nerves get me sometimes. I am planning on joining Toastmasters within the next year or two to help improve this skill…

Franchise. I would love to own a Franchise of the following places. Title Boxing Club, and GameStop. Why? I patronize both places, and I love them for what they offer…

The things that I listed are honestly things I could do and want to do. Something that I have noticed in all my “failures” was that I was in my way. I think I’m making some progress…

Far From Idle


One thought on “What I Would Do If I Could Not Fail?

  1. What a cool post! I never thought about ways to incorporate the things that I’m really passionate about. I told myself a long while ago that passions aren’t to be pursued professionally. I undid that thinking, though, and that’s why I’m in school now to pursue something I love. As someone who didn’t do that from the beginning–let me tell you–it’s great that you’re thinking that way! And…..when you start making watches, let me know. I could use a new one. 🙂

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