Two Thumbs

Recently, I met with a few places about positions. The most notable ones were with a hospital and my university. The first thing that

both told me was that I came highly recommended. I was flattered.

What I was trying to pay the most attention to in our conversation was where I was guiding the conversation and where they were guiding it.

At the University, the position was related to a recruitment. We discussed what I have done at the school, why I decided to come in, and why I wanted to work there. Then we talked. We spoke about the possibilities that a position like this could give for someone with my personality, opportunities to travel, how I would fit into the scheme of this section of the University and how diverse the position was. (As well as the perks. They were nice I must say.)

At the Hospital, the position was a little broader. One related to Human Resources and Organizational Development, one was Public Relations, and the other was Advertising. We did the typical “interview”, and then we actually talked. We got to know one another, and I was able to ask difficult questions and receive very direct answers. This was the most fun I have ever had in a meeting. Ever. (They had nice perks also.)

In short, the positions I am gearing my focus towards must be related to interaction with varied people, groups and organizations. I would enjoy something that would allow me some traveling, as well as opportunities to innovate and grow.

This weekend, my mentor and I were talking and he asked me had I ever thought of a Recruiting or Human Resources position within an organization. I had not. He told me that he felt it was an area I would be good at because of my wish to work and communicate with a diverse group of people. He also believes I have an eye for talent. (For context, I recruited both of the new interns for his business.) He is very excited about both of these people.

I am happy to know that I am making some slow but steady progress. I also came to the realization that I am very interested in Business Development.

Slow and steady, yet fast and heavy.


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