Truer than true

“This is my stuff

Got to get off

I might go pop

Excuse me, excuse me”

Daria. In my opinion, this was when MTV was still decent and before MTV Animation was disbanded. I was and am a huge fan of this series. Essentially, it followed the angst or lack there of for Daria and all  her friends. It is a great show; if you are interested in checking it out, view it on Netflix.

It seems that the shows that I have watched when I was younger have taught me something. It has taken re-viewing them to realize the value that the show brought to me.

It was a hilarious romp through high school. Every moment reminded me of my journey through high school. I never want to go back, but they are great memories.

In short, this is what I learned from Daria.

Be you.

Remember: “Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” – Dr. Seuss

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One thought on “Truer than true

  1. I recently saw the episode where she wears contacts for like a week, then decides that it just isn’t her. It starts out that she just wants to see better, then it turns into a situation in which she was receiving attention for how pretty she was. She ended up wearing her glasses again to be true herself. Years after the first time I saw that episode, it moved me the same way. I’ve had to learn to accept a lot of things about myself. Let’s face it–I’m kinda weird. But, the years and Daria have taught me that it’s ok to be me.

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