Questions. Singlehandedly the most annoying thing in the world to me if you ask the right question.

From my experience, the best

Bonkers. A great Cartoon in the 90's

questions I’ve been asked are the ones that make me completely irritated. Why?

It’s simple. That person that asked me the question noticed I was doing something odd, acting strange, or generally concerned. Even though I dislike these questions, those are the best ones. They challenge me to reflect and think about what I am doing, what I am planning on doing or an area I need to improve upon.

In short, I’m a little stubborn.

A question is how this blog began. A question is how I decided to drop dentistry. A question is how I discovered my blossoming passion for entrepreneurship.

Although they are helping me figure out more of who I am. I still dislike them. Like many things, they are integral to life. Their purpose when used correctly, can help in ways that one cannot imagine.

More ways that questions have helped me: discover what I really don’t like, new hobbies, and renewed passions.

What is the one question you have been asked that revealed so much about you that you cannot help but reflect and make changes (if they were needed)?

Far From Idle



2 thoughts on “Que?

  1. It’s weird- you just followed me on Twitter, and I stumbled upon your blog. This happened to me last night… I was telling a few friends about a few fantastical dreams that I have had for years. They sort of laughed and asked: “Are you serious?” I was. Still, it left me pondering- still to this moment, how serious am I? Damn questions…..

    1. It wasn’t coincidence at all. I understand what you are saying. Personally, I think odd looks laughs and questions regarding your seriousness mean one thing. You might be on to something…

      I look forward to connecting with you! Thanks for reading! Make sure you subscribe and tell your friends!

      Keep on keeping on.

      -Far From Idle

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