Keep on pushing.

I had a short conversation with a friend of mine about over-achieving and worrying. I was asking him why he worried so much, and he told me it was because he is a overachiever. I then proceeded to tell him that I was an overachiever and that I did not understand why worry and over-achieving were synonymous.

He then told me that I wasn’t necessarily an overachiever and that I am more someone who pushed themselves really hard at the wrong things. Notice I said pushed. Over the past year, I have learned that worthwhile things don’t have to necessarily be hard for me to be successful at. If anything, whatever it is should come naturally to me and should be something that I enjoy.

Now that graduation is behind me, I have been able to make steps toward this. I was accepted into the Entrepreneur Scholars program at UMKC, and I also received a offer for a job that suits my personality and is directly related to my major. I’m looking forward to the point in which I am pushing toward something that I truly love and enjoy. So to him, and all those that support me thank you. Keep pushing me. I appreciate it.

Keep pushing. Just make sure its toward the right thing.

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