Seth Godin

I’m sure he has heard that he is awesome before, but I’ll go ahead and add to the praise. Seth rocks. His knowledge about Marketing is eye opening. I plan to write about all his books (I will purchase and read them all in the coming months), and what I see from reading his blog and any insights that I figure out from reading what he has published.

Here is the first insight. (At least to me.) Seth’s blog is an allusion to Marketing. What I’ve noticed from reading his blog is this: Marketers merely say what is needed simply, and concise. If you have ever read his blog, his posts are as long as what I believe he has to say, and what he sees as necessary to get the point across. Isn’t that what Marketing is (or what it should be)? Just KISS it. Keep It Simple Stupid. The more you talk about your world-changing business, the less time you will have to get a new relationship. So keep it to a few sentences and shut up. Check him out here.

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