Finding Cheap Watches.

I have a very strong feeling that people don’t know the difference between an expensive watch and a cheap one. Why? About 95% of my watches are under $50. (I have one watch that I splurged on when I graduated from University.)

I receive compliments on my watches all the time, so I thought I would share share my tricks I’ve learned over the years. This will be a series of articles, tips and tricks for purchasing watches.

If you’re on a tight budget like many recent graduates, splurging on a watch is something you probably don’t want to do. Guess what? You don’t. You just have to know where to go…

Purchasing cheap watches that look expensive.

1) To start, stay away from the Internet, and private shops. Unless you know exactly what you want, the Internet is not your friend. (Young grasshopper, crawl first before walking you must.)

2) If you are a watch purchasing noob, I recommend beginning with the following stores: Macy’s, Kohl’s, Stein Mart, JcPenny, or Target. (Big box stores will have a wide selection with a range of prices.)

2) Visit the stores. Most of these people are not experts, so don’t listen to them. Just go in and look. Find what you like and take note.

3) Steer clear of mechanical watches. Most of the stores mentioned above don’t really sell them. (they are typically more expensive to fix.) Battery operated watches are cheaper and easier to fix.

4) Find what is on sale or clearance first. Usually this is where you find the good deals. I recently purchased a watch for 6 bucks. Some think its worth 100. Why? Typically watches with interesting colors or designs or big faces are assumed to be more expensive. (Watches are a status symbol to some. I just think they are interesting devices. There is a lot of Science behind them believe it or not.)

Go forth and experiment. But stick with these places to start. More tips forthcoming.

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