Ocho Cinco and Social Media

Say what you want about Ocho or Chad or whatever he’s calling himself, his grass-root knowledge is something that all “professionals” could stand to learn from him. He recently offered 200 of his followers a free dinner to a popular restaurant in New York. This isn’t the first time he has done this either. Here is what he did and has done should tell us:

– Build a following through genuine interaction with whomever follows you.

– Notoriety helps. He’s famous so he already has a massive amount of followers. If you don’t engage with interesting useful content.

– Be nice. From what I’ve observed Ocho is very nice to everyone he interacts with on Twitter.

– Free giveaways. I’m not saying you have to buy out a restaurant for a night, but I’m sure a book or t-shirt giveaway would entice your followers.

-Give your phone number out. (Kidding. Or am I?…) Apparently he gave out his number. Perhaps if you have a business or whatever give out your number and ask people to call. Maybe it could generate some new business or relationships for you.

Check out the story about his latest act of kindness here.

That’s all, I’m done.

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