Baseball: My Great Equalizer

I love baseball. I recently purchased MLB.TV so that I could watch it when I want.

I’ve been around the game since I was a twinkle in my father’s eye. Lol. (He used to play and coach.)

Interesting! My father got his love of baseball from his mother (my grandmother). They used to go to games together when he was a child.

It’s an emotional experience. I cried a bit when my favorite team won the series last year. I cried when I watched Moneyball. (everyone likes the underdog.) I may be a little more emotionally involved with the game than most.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain and sometimes it isn’t. I just love it.

Strategy. I don’t think there is a more strategic game than Baseball. It’s a big game of chess.

It calms me. In the spring/summer, when I have a rough day, week, whatever going to a baseball game by myself is the most calming things in the world. Have to ever gone to a game by yourself and just was there? I’ve met many interesting people by just going to a game alone. (I’ll make up just about any excuse to go to a game.)

It brings people together. I think closer than any other sport.

I just love the game.

Just so you know, when you attend a baseball game, you need the following:

1) A cold beer

2) A Coca-Cola

3) Peanuts

4) Hotdog or Bratwurst

5) Baseball Glove

6) Your favorite teams cap or jersey

Have fun!

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