Don’t let TV raise your kids.

They will be crazy. Have you seen what’s on television now? It’s probably good to know what they are up to. Just a thought. (I don’t have kids, so I probably can’t speak on this much. Nor will I have them any time soon.) Have you paid attention to what’s been going on? Have you seen the video out of St. Louis with the students fighting? It’s pretty disturbing. Click on the link below to view. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about the video.


I personally think many issues stem from the home/community and a lack thereof. So what does this say? We as a people (African-American) need to stop watching junk like this happen. The stereotypes about us are bad enough, and incidents like this don’t help at all.

How about this. Begin giving back. Start mentoring our young people and show them that there is more out there than what they see and hear on TV. (I’m speaking to the Millennials specifically). Yes, we are all busy. You bet we have goals and responsibilities, but having the correct guidance may have been very helpful in preventing this. I’m personally a product of mentoring and still receive mentorship to this day. If we won’t help them who will?

Just a thought…

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