Facebook Covers. Instagram. Pinterest.

Have you been converted to the new timeline for your pages and profiles? A majority of users have at this point. I see it as another space to Market yourself. To show your personality, what you do, and anything else in a small pixelated box. Don’t resist it. They will just convert your page or profile anyway.

In other news…

Who is the hot new social site on the block? They surpassed LinkedIn recently to take the number 3 spot. That’s right Pinterest. It’s the new Marketing monster and guess who over 60% of their users are? Women. As many know, women drive many buying patterns, trends etc. Seeing anything yet?

Facebook recently bought Instagram for 1 Billion dollars. What do you think they are planning to do with them? Just a thought, but I predict a Pinterest-like pinning system utilizing Instagram.

Emulation is the best form of flattery isn’t it?

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. I also wonder what kind of message this sends to entrepreneurs. That is for another day.

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