Work/Life Balance. What?

It doesn’t exist. Think about it. To me attempting to “balance” your professional and personal life is exhausting. Though i do try…At some point, they will cross paths. Whether you want them to or not.

Why work/life balance doesn’t exist.

1) You have goals/dreams/ambitions.

Let’s face it, when you are fresh out of school, you are grinding to get to wherever it is you are trying to go. Sometimes reaching goal requires sacrifice. Sacrifice of your time, money, energy, sleep, social life and so on. This is no excuse to ignore family, friends or significant others however if they truly care for you and want to see you succeed, they understand. Just try to call more than once a month.

Suggestion: If you are a busy young professional like myself, schedule maybe 1 or 2 weekend(s) out of the month where you do whatever with those you care for. Traveling, Parties with friends, visit family, etc. It’s a nice recharge. (use that second weekend sparingly.)

2) Fear of Change.

I personally think people strive for work life balance out of the fear that they are becoming someone different. Is change such a bad thing? For every milestone we have, something about us changes. remember when you first went to high school? Graduated high school? College? Graduated college? I know that I personally have made drastic changes since both of these stages (especially college), and entering the professional world is no different. You will change. Just don’t be so afraid of the change that you don’t ever start.

Suggestion: I suggest a mentor. Having a professional mentor is very helpful for your development.

In short, I just don’t see work/life balance as something that actually exists. I think it’s more of a time management issue (and what I’ve mentioned previously). Make sure you invest in your personal and professional life. Sometimes, one takes Priority over the other for whatever reason. That’s just how the cookie crumbles I guess.

Thoughts? I’d love to hear your opinion on work/life balance. I’m fairly new to the professional world (1 year), and I wonder what more experienced professionals think.

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3 thoughts on “Work/Life Balance. What?

  1. Agreed! I feel the fear of change is often a very big presence in the decision making process that most do not want to admit, or simply do not see. Change is equally necessary for failure and for success. In my opinion, it’s a matter of how the individual let’s it happen, by allowing it or crafting it’s pathway. That determines the level

      1. Alex, thank you for your comment. Cheer’s to that! Why does the individual let something happen? Please share this with your friends if you would like. I appreciate your readership!


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