I like Lamp.

Best Lamp Ever. I want one of these. Soon my precious, soon…

I am well versed in the world of geek. I have no issue telling people what my passions are, what excites me, what makes me tick (at least now I don’t). I don’t think that you should either. Don’t limit yourself simply because you failed at something. Brush yourself off and try again. Just make sure you learn something from the experience.

That is what life is isn’t it? A inexplicable series things you try? Win, lose or draw the things that we attempt far more out-weigh the things we think about doing. If you click on the link below, and read the story about this lamp you will find out why I want one so bad. Maybe this awesome lamp will inspire you to create or try something you haven’t before.

So get out there! Make some mistakes. Learn something new! Going out and doing, even if you haven’t quite figured out the “doing” is so much fun. While we are all busy searching for that perfect “x”, more than likely we will just run into it and it will be what you least expect.

It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Please, share with me your journey thus far. I would love to hear who you are, or who you are becoming.

The link to the lamp. Seriously.

Bad Ass.
A Geeks dream lamp. I’m salivating…

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