The Best Marketing in Baseball. Thus far…

I LOVE Baseball. I’ve been around it for a long time, and I’m a rabid St. Louis Cardinals fan. Those who know me personally will affirm this. Or they will roll their eyes. Hehe…

I’ve been trying to figure out who the best Marketing team is in the MLB is. Let’s just say it’s not the Cardinals or any other “great” team. They don’t really need to fill the seats. There reputation is enough. In other words, word of mouth is fairly easy for teams with strong reputations.

I honestly think the Kansas City Royals currently have the best marketing in Baseball right now.

1) They have something to prove. They always do. They have been bad for so long that they need to keep their efforts high to bring in new fans. Maybe this year they will win more than 71 games…

2) The All-Star game is being hosted in Kansas City this year.  As soon as the off-season began, the focus was mainly on this. May as well take the massive amount of free Marketing coming this way.

3) They have interesting campaigns currently running. The most noticeable has been the “This is our year” Series. Though they have said that for years, it’s been pretty interesting to see how fired up the organization is about the All-Star game. For your information, the last All-Star game held in Kansas City was in 1973!

The two videos above are just short examples of what they have been pushing. I believe part of this has to do with the fact that they are in the All-Star game. Since information about this is reaching every single baseball market it only makes sense to be more aggressive. It gives them an opportunity to bring some light to Kansas City. They do all the marketing they want, but they still need to play some baseball if they want this championship. Give them a few more years. (I hear that all the time though. Next year.). They have a superb marketing department.

I wonder how this will look after the All-Star break?

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