Family and Friends Round

Sometimes I feel like I’m the worst family/friend ever. I’m not avoiding anyone, I’m just busy working towards my goal. It’s no excuse not to call someone though. Fortunately, they understand and are typically cheering the loudest during my victories. They have all been patient with me. Thanks for the support! Love you all! (You know who you are)

I personally think that having the love and support of people that care for you is key. Especially on days you are feeling down, a little tired or just need a break. Be warned though. If they really do care, they will also tell you when you are messing up. (Those are the good ones.)

Having a support system is great.

I have a question. What is it about your support system that keeps you going? How have they helped you? None of us get to where we are going without some help, so be sure to thank them!

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