I’m a huge fan of Netflix for a few reasons.

1) Reliving my childhood through certain shows.
2) Anime.
3) Documentaries.

Anyway, Tintin. This show was awesome, and still is. (I also felt that Tintin should have brain damage as much as he was knocked out…have you seen the show? Just saying…)

Tintin’s great marketing is this. He never did. Whether it was solving a crime or his journalism, Tintin did something most people won’t. He let the work he did do the talking. How about instead of telling people your great ninja-like skills on a computer or a design or a building, how about you let your quality show through? Whenever you finish a client, have them submit a review of your work. If you did a good job, then you have nothing to worry about. Again….Word of Mouth….even with the onset of social media, word of mouth still reigns supreme.

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