Why you should never pay more than 200 dollars for a watch.

Because you shouldn’t. Unless you make enough money to buy a watch over that amount (like with cash) you may want to avoid it. Here is why.

1) it’s probably not worth 200 bucks. When you buy a watch, much of the cost comes from the movement, and the name of the brand. If its battery operated, you should spend no more than 100. (it costs anywhere from 3-15 bucks to have a battery changed. Even cheaper if you can do it yourself.)

2) It’s not cost-effective (especially if you recently graduated.) the most expensive watch I own was $125.

Here is my secret. I’d say stick to some department stores and boutiques. Some boutiques have some sweet deals. Something else that is fun is to go and buy old watches from thrift stores that don’t work and refurbish them. It’s a pretty fun and cheap way to get cool watches. If you are interested in learning how to build a watch or just learn about beginning watchmaking, I suggest you try Beginner Watchmaking: How to Build Your Very First Watch by Tim Swike.

Now if you are more of a luxury watch person, I suggest that you visit my friends at Global Watch Brokers, LLC. They can find you something if you are in the 3k, plus range.

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