Sometimes, I wonder if I am too busy. Some days I have that Oh Sh*% moment & wonder what I am getting myself into. Then I have conversations with people whose advice & opinions that I respect. I am constantly reminded on a near daily basis that everything I am doing is geared towards a singular goal. (It also helps that I have it written down to remind myself on days when I feel discouraged or a little worn out.

I think that keeping yourself upwardly mobile is the best way to get to your (insert goal here). The WORST thing that you or anyone else can do is stop. Even if you are a little confused, you have to keep moving. Let me first say that I am not advocating not resting. I am speaking about mobility in terms of your goals. If you need to tweak & move in a slightly different direction, then please do. Just DON’T STOP.

If you want to see a great example of someone doing great things with his dream to help young professionals, college students, high school students & beyond deal with their student loans, visit the Student Loan CPA. A personal friend & mentor of mine, he has helped me as I traverse my journey & helped me stay motivated during the Oh Sh&* moments. As he always tells me, stay prayed up!

So to all the “mobile” professionals moving daily towards the dream, keep it moving!

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