Why Not?

Give yourself the opportunity to shine. It’s very simple. Who says you can’t do something? It’s only impossible if you think it is & if you actually care about what it is you are attempting. Take me for example. While I was in school, I somehow came to the conclusion that I wanted to be a Dentist. (I know, way out in left field. Especially if you know me personally.) I may know a lot about the profession & some of the inner workings, but the biggest factor in this not happening for me was this. I didn’t really care. I was putting in the work, but I wasn’t really putting in the work. There was no real passion for me pursuing dentistry & it definitely showed.

No one, & I mean no one was truly convinced that I wanted to go into dentistry. They may have supported my decision, but they had their doubts. My mentors, close friends, family members. The reason I knew this was simply because they kept asking. Not asking me how it’s going, but asking me whether I was sure I wanted to pursue this.

It turns out I was lying to myself.

When I was going through all this, I thought I had made a big mistake by pursuing this but you know what? I learned something from attempting to get into Dental School. I learned that regardless of what I wanted, regardless of my dreams, my goals, or ambitions that I needed to work hard at it. I needed to have a plan for it. I needed to have a circle of supporters that were down for the cause. More than anything else though, I needed to believe in me. Look at the young lady that just took Olympic Gold overall, Gabby Douglas. Getting to the Gold not only took sacrifice from herself, but also her friends & family that supported her to her status today.

Again, I ask why not? Just make sure that you work hard. I’ll leave you with this. It’s from a song that I have on my motivation mix. (As a note, there is explicit material on this song. However, the point gets across. I’ll have to share the rest of my mix with you.) The name of the song is Power Circle. If you would like to check out the song, please click here.

May the wind be at your back
May the bad be in your past

May the kids take all your good
And your wife have class
And you realize your goals
And what’s life without grind

Far From Idle

Come. Find out why.





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