Who Am I?

I don’t think this is a question that should be taken lightly. There may only be three words & 3 syllables, but this is a very important question to ask. It very well may determine which direction you go in. Whether the direction you want to go in, or some place you never thought you would be. Want to avoid the latter of those two? Make sure that you have your goals written out, remind yourself of them daily & realize that the way you get to the goal is going to change. Also, be sure that you codify everything that relates to your goal. It’s a term that I learned from my mentor, & from this book.

Codify at least in my terms is to write down what you are doing it, when you are doing it & why you did it. This way when you look back, you will know exactly how you ended up at x. (x being your goal of course, a business, an executive, etc.)

Who am I in my eyes ranks higher on the list of tough questions than everyone’s favorite, What do you want to do? I think that before this answer can be answered it may be good to answer this question; Who am I?

Far From Idle

Come. Find out why.





One thought on “Who Am I?

  1. Excellent question.  I’m still asking myself that.  The tough part is that it is itirative.  You start with one answer and answer other questions…..but then the answers other questions reveal that you didn’t know yourself as much as you thought.  For a while it feels like chasing your tail….

    Great post!

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