11 Reasons A 23 Year Old Shouldn’t Run Your Social Media

I was looking around on Linkedin a few days ago, & I stumbled on this interesting article from Inc.  There are some valid points in the article & some I disagree with. First & foremost, I’m not that far removed from being a spunky, ambitious 23 year old. I’m a spunky, ambitious 24 year old with revamped goals & a better idea of the direction I’m moving in.

Make sure you read the article in it’s entirety before you read my opinions on this article. You will see the “reason” (from the article), & then my opinion on that reason.

1) They’re not mature enough.

Disagree/Agree. I don’t think that not wanting to settle down & start a family is a tell all sign of maturity. I know plenty of people who began families that definitely were not ready for it, & it shows. I think that maturity is different for each & every person. Comparing Gen Y’s to boomers is similar to comparing Apples & Onions. The times were much different then, & many of the people then had to settle down & be forced into adulthood at a younger age. The boomers when through quite a few wars (among other things) during their era. I do however agree with the exploration statement. That is definitely true. Here is my question. How do we expect to find ourselves if we don’t explore? (Within reason of course. I don’t think exploring one’s career for 15 years is going to actually help the career in any way.)

2) They may be focused on their own social media activity.

Disagree. I keep my personal social media activities separate from what I do for the day job. Besides with how much we are going to mobile (mobile is Web 3.0 by the way), there is almost no excuse for Gen Y’ers to not use their personal tech if they must send something out during their day job.

In regards to monitoring the activity, of course the Manager/Director should monitor it! Ultimately, the new-hire’s actions still fall upon the supervisor if something adverse happens. I would hope that even if they aren’t savvy, they at least educate themselves & keep track of their employee.

3) They may not have the same etiquette–or experience.

Disagree on the etiquette stand. Some experts may disagree, but I have multiple Twitter accounts. Here is why. I have certain professional & personal circles that I do not want intertwined. I have a personal account, a professional account & an account for my blog. I keep them separate because the thoughts I share on one account may differ from the others. Say for example I am searching for a new job. The last thing I want someone to see is me getting into a random argument with a friend about the finer nuances of the Transformers. Now, if the message is tame enough, I will post to all of my accounts. This is what social media clients like Hootsuite are for.

Experience – I agree with this. I can know everything in the world about Social Media, however it doesn’t help if I don’t know the business or industry. The messaging can still be off if you don’t know the business.

4) You can’t control their friends.

Agree. You can’t control their friends. However, this is why I think having separate accounts is useful. Make sure to make it clear that personal friends cannot be added to the work related Social Media. Seems like a simple fix. Well as long as they listen.

5) No class can replace on-the-job training.

Unsure. This sounded just like “experience” #3. I agree that without experience you can’t get it done, but how do you get it on the job if you aren’t given the chance?

6) They may not understand your business.

Agree. If they don’t understand the business, the messaging will be wrong. Period.

7) Communication Skills are critical.

Agree. Communication is king.

8) Humor is a tricky business.

Again, this falls under them knowing the business. It takes time. Not all Gen Y’ers are completely impatient.

9) Social-media savvy is not the same as technical savvy.

Agree. Train up! Analytics is something I work on daily as I build my skills.

10) Social-media management can become crisis management.

Agree. I think that when something like this happens, it is partially the Supervisor/Manager/Director’s fault for not monitoring all messaging. 95% of the messaging I send out for my company (the part that I manage is reviewed by my Director before I can send it out. Seems like an obvious one, but clearly it is not if it has to be stated.

11) You need to keep the keys.

Agree. Seems like another obvious one, but I have to remember that not everyone is savvy or even interested in Social Media.

Before you comment, did you read the article? What are your thoughts?

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