Happy Friday! Over the past week, I have been checking out Bottlenose, which is now in public Beta. The premise of Bottlenose is simple. They are your one stop shop for your social media. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with the site for a little over a week now, & here are my opinions on the platform thus far.

1) Track all streams in one place.

Since they are still in Beta, there is still work to be done, however I think this is pretty impressive. All the platforms do this, so this isn’t anything new. I do however like the ability to have your RSS feed listed. Everything is pretty clear.

2) Track trending on any interest.

This is one of my favorite features on Bottlenose. It let’s you find anything that you have interests in & see what is trending. To have fun I searched one of my favorite topics, The St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Club. It was very accurate & kept me up to date on what is happening on my favorite club. It ran fairly smoothly in my opinion.

3) View streams as a real time newspaper.

I really like the idea, but there are some great apps you can do this with like Trapit & Flipboard. What makes it great here is that it can be done in one spot. Because we all know everyone likes convenience. Some one once told me they paid 8 dollars for a Watermelon because they didn’t want to drive a few more minutes to get the 3 dollar one.

4) Live streams of videos & photos.

This is what it is. It works.

5) Sonar.

I love the play off of Dolphins here. Seriously though, Sonar ROCKS. Sonar is the client that I believe they built themselves for Bottlenose. Essentially, Sonar allows the user to track emerging trends, messages, conversations, etc. & visualizes them to show you (the user how they connect.) This is a great feature.

6) Filtering & Rules

Bottlenose created some really specific methods for filtering. It’s pretty much awesome. Check it out. You can really dig for specific information using what they have set up.

7) Streams.

This is just to add streams to your page. It works well.

8) Messaging.

You can send out a message to all your networks at once. It works well. What’s great here is that there is no limit to the length of your post. If it’s longer than say 140 characters, Bottlenose automatically shortens the message & links it.

9) Search across networks.

This is another cool feature. You can search all of your networks at once for specific information.

Overall, I think that Bottlenose is on to something with their application. I hope to see them do well! (Especially since I would like to use this program more.)

Check them out.

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