Caine’s Arcade: A Marketer’s Dream.

If you have not seen the video above before, I must ask. Have you been hiding under a rock? This young man & his awesome imagination has caused a movement. Since the video was released this young man has done some awesome things.

1) A college education for Caine. Because of the widespread popularity, Caine has received hundreds of thousands in donations for his education in the future.

2) Caine’s scholarship fund. This was created after the widespread support that Caine received after the video above was released. Caine has more than enough to go to college, so the money (once 250K is reached) will be used to create a foundation dedicated to providing scholarship for children like Caine. Donations are being matched dollar for dollar. Currently, they have raised about 214K.

3) The global cardboard challenge. About 100 schools in 9 countries have built their own cardboard arcade. Check here for more information.

So, what can we learn about Marketing from this young man & his arcade?

1) You don’t need (much) money to Market something.

Or create something for that matter. Caine built his arcade with items he already had & bought cheap things if he needed it. (With the help of his father.) If you have a passion for whatever you are selling or if it inspires or is a definite need it should be simple to market. As long as you are passionate about your project, you should have no issue. Inquire with my friend about a project he has going on. It may just change the face of music. Hit him up on Linkedin.

2) Word of Mouth.

I’m sure we all know this, but word of mouth can be a game changer. Negatively or positively. Caine has had quite a bit from the video that was created for him.

3) Social Media.

We all know about the power that social media can wield. I checked out the Caine’s Arcade page & it was pretty impressive. He has over 124k likes & the interaction on the page is great. Again though the virility critical mass that can come with social media is what is most important. Without it, projects like Caine’s Arcade may have gone unnoticed.

Find out more about Caine’s Arcade here.

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