3D Printed Meats? Yes Please?

Meat. Now in 3D.

I hope your week is going well. I thought I would share this article with you about 3D printed meats. Yes, you read correctly.

I’m not sure what you know about the craze that is 3D printing, but if not see the video below. I will explain a lot.




Thoughts? It was pretty cool right? There are even more novel ideas these 3D printers are being used for. Check Youtube for some of the other videos.

Now, on to this 3D Printed meat article. The article comes from Mashable, & the idea is actually much better than you would think. The Missouri based startup, Modern Meadow is planning to make bio-printed meat. I wasn’t that excited about the prospect of eating “printed” meat, however their other goal is what intrigues me. They would like to create medical grade tissues to bring food to the world.

This is definitely one to watch. I’m not sure what the implications of this are at this point, but I am definitely interested in seeing what other innovations they want to try for food. The food we put into our bodies is one of the largest most intimate processes. Period. If the right things don’t go in, the right things won’t come out. (i.e. proper energy, health, wellness.)

I am looking forward to seeing what changes they can make.

What are your thoughts on the 3D printing craze? What implications do you think this will have in industries like Healthcare, Science, Technology?

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