Health outside of the bed.

I don’t speak too much about my personal exploits on this blog. I really think I should begin to so that you (my wonderful readers) can find out more about who I am.

Today, I would like to discuss a project that I began working on officially as of July 17th, 2012.

A few of the Children enjoying Fruit from the Mobile Market. Credit: KC Nursing News
A few of the Children enjoying Fruit from the Mobile Market. Credit: KC Nursing News

The hospital I work at, Truman Medical Centers & the Hospital Hill Economic Development Corporation began a Mobile Market. To be brief, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority donated an out of service 40 ft bus to TMC & even did the work to outfit the bus as though it was a grocery store on wheels! The bus serves people in communities where there is not access to fresh produce by bringing it directly to them.

I am currently Manager over the Mobile Market & Healthy Harvest Farmers Market.

What makes this position so interesting is that I am working on a much different way to positively affect the health of people through something each & every one of us do. Eat.

Our relationship with food should be a very intimate one, however I suspect that this is not the case for everyone (the research I have done for the bus tells me the same. I can’t reveal that information though.) It’s been very disturbing to find out that many people just don’t know about the foods that should & shouldn’t be consumed. Then again, I’m not surprised at all.

If anything, the food we eat should be our first line of defense not the last resort. Clearly this is not the case with the lack of fresh produce available to people in more urban & rural areas. The lack of knowledge about the different foods that are available & the culture of fast food that seems to be overtaking everything.

How do you think health should be affected outside of the bed? Here are my thoughts below. (These statements are not the thoughts of Truman Medical Centers. They are those of Far From Idle.)

1) Stop focusing on the Pharmaceuticals.

Don’t get me wrong, pharmacy is a great & necessary part of healthcare. However, it can become an issue when the only thing fixed is the surface issue, not the root cause. A pharmacist can give you all the pills for hypertension you want, however if you get out take your medicine & go eat some fast food for breakfast, lunch & dinner, what do you expect?

To fix this, perhaps their should be more focus on the root cause of the issue. No, its not just genetics. Just because you are predisposed for something does not mean you will get it. It does mean you are more susceptible to x disorder. However if you take care of yourself by eating properly, among other things perhaps you can prevent diabetes.

2) Education. Knowledge is power right? It is power, as long as you are getting the right information. I think that people (especially those in areas where people don’t have access to something.

3) Discover the root problem. This is a much easier fix than taking pills to stop the long term issue. If anything it would take time. Each & every person has a story that led up to the present issue (insert issue here: lack of knowledge, some form of abuse, poverty, etc.)

I don’t have all the answers, & besides I am learning about healthcare daily. In the meantime, please check out one of the articles written about this project. There are other articles as well. If you would like to look more of them up, just google “Truman Medical Centers & Mobile Market”.

What are your thoughts on Healthcare? What do you think needs to change? What do you thin is a more effective way of reaching people where they are? How do you reach these people?

Mobile Market
Mobile Market

Far From Idle

Come. Find out why.



2 thoughts on “Health outside of the bed.

    1. It is. What is the name of the board/project you are working on? Would you like to speak sometime about our initiative? I would love to learn what kind of strategies you have found worked for your initiative.

      Thanks for reading!

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