Intrapreneur or Entrepreneur?


I feel as though I am doing both to be honest.

If you checked out my article on Monday, you may consider me an intrapreneur. An intrapreneur builds a business within an existing business. That is precisely what I am doing with my position. I am building a new business within an existing company. Here are some reasons why I think intrapreneurship is so useful.

1) You have access to the funding & support you need.

One trade off with beginning a business within an existing organization is that the funds & support in case they are needed.

2) Reputation.

Depending upon the organization, you already have an existing reputation. With that reputation it makes it a little easier to build more mass attention. When the bus first began, & currently nearly every News station expressed interest in coming to visit the bus & conduct interviews. It also makes it much easier to Market & Sell to people. Entrepreneurship in its core is bringing something to people they don’t necessarily know they need. My friend at Student Loan CPA {dot} com is doing just that. Check him out.

I think that I am becoming a mixture of both Intrapreneur & Entrepreneur. I say this because of course, my position isn’t the only thing I’m doing however my current position is teaching me some very valuable lessons that I will take with me wherever I go afterwards.

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