Dayum. Dayum. Dayum!

Check out this video below.

Credit goes to The Gregory Brothers on the songified song.

Aside from this being a hilarious video, there is a point to all this.

Marketing. I’m currently reading The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg. There is a great quote from Dan Kennedy…

“The breakthrough realization is that you are in the marketing business. You are not in the dry cleaning or restaurant or widget making business. You are in the business of marketing dry cleaning services or restaurants or widgets. When you embrace this, it makes perfect sense to set your sights on Marketing mastery. If you are going to make something your life’s work & chief activity & responsibility, why not do it well?” ~ Dan Kennedy

We are all in the Marketing business. Whether we do it directly or not. The gentleman (Daym Drops) in the video is speaking very highly of a burger chain, Five Guys Burgers & Fries.

If you go to the Youtube website & view the comments, you will notice that there are multiple comments along the lines of “this made me go try Five Guys!” etc.

I am sure Five Guys is happy because they received a massive amount of free, viral publicity.

Never ever think that you aren’t in the business of Marketing. This video just proves that if someone likes something enough (& if you auto-tune it…haha), make a video popular enough to get a mass following, you can get your (insert here) out at a break neck pace. I just hope the gentleman that originally recorded the video has made plans to sit with Five Guys. Perhaps he can be their new spokesperson?

What makes a post go viral? What characteristics must be present? What are your thoughts about this? Winning.

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