Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day you laborer you.
Happy Labor Day you laborer you.

I’m taking the day off. Seeing as this is a day to celebrate workers everywhere in the US. So turn off your laptops, unplug that phone, pick up a ice cold drink, start Bar-Be-Queing, & do whatever it is you do to relax! Enjoy the shortened week.

If you must work (which I’m sure I will), make sure that it has nothing to do with your day job. Work on that blog you’ve been putting off. Seek out some new clients for your freelance/consulting work, expand your network, finish that business plan, do some self education. Just leave work for the hours when they are paying you.

Like my mentor told me, remember your job helps you keep the lights on. Remember that. (He meant to not let them work me like a drone & keep focused on the other goals.)

Also, I just reopened my Facebook Page! Don’t be idle, go like the page & share it with your friends! If you are the 100th follower, I will have something special for you.

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Remember, Every new meaningful input demands a disorganization and recalibration of your reality. -Derrick Idleburg Jr.


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