Marketing is beneficial to us all.

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Seriously. It really is. Marketing is something that any & every professional of any industry should learn. Upon finishing Michael Ellsberg’s The Education of Millionaires, I realized that one of the key items each of them knew was Marketing.

They learned Marketing not by being taught it in some arbitrary theory college course, but simply by reading & applying what they learned in various books & blogs by superstars like Seth Godin, Dan Kennedy & Maria Forleo.

How do you learn Marketing? By failing, failing often & failing fast. Failure is one of the best teachers I have ever met. It has taught me numerous times. A great failure that I learned recently was when I was working for a client a few months ago. The lesson from this was simple; the client does not tell you how to do what they hired you for. Market you for what you do & nothing else.

This client, x was seeking some help with their Marketing, specifically online with Social Media. I met with x to discuss the kind of help x was seeking & this first meeting should have told me something was up. X told me the problem & I came back with a solution to said problem. X then told me that I should go about completing the project in this specific manner. (I should have refused the client then instead of wasting time. If the client “knew” this much about the area I was brought on to help with, why was I there?) Excuse me, but you hired me to fix this specific problem, all I needed from X was an understanding of the business & what X would have liked to see. Essentially, X somehow felt that I was working for them asking that I do things outside of what was agreed I should work on.

If the client had this much information & knowledge to do the work, then why hadn’t they done this?

I digress.

Essentially, instead of consulting X, I was working for X. I realize that as a consultant you solve a specific issue for the client for a certain period of time, however it does not mean that you do everything the client needs & asks. You were brought in to solve a problem, not do the work!

I learned my lesson, & I made sure to be clear from then on that I am there to fix problems specific to Marketing. Essentially friends, when you Market yourself whether Basket-weaving or Chemical Engineering make sure that you list out specifically what you do, or you will end up doing things for a client you never agreed to do.

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