Repost: Busyness (April 2011)

Busyness. This is something I still deal with. How do you deal with the “Busy Monster”? This article refers to when I first learned I was using it as an excuse & in turn isolating relationships I had with others. -Far From Idle

Recently, it was revealed to me that I use busyness as an excuse. It stems from three things that happened this past weekend. Hanging out with someone I consider a good friend, a conversation with my girlfriend and a really fun meeting with a group of entrepreneurs I know.

I used to use this as an excuse. Not anymore.

Why is it that I use busyness as an excuse? It’s actually quite simple. I began using busyness as an excuse when I didn’t want to tell people what was up to. Instead of telling them what i was up to, I immediately would tell them I was busy and couldn’t do whatever it is they were trying to get me to do. If they asked enough, I would eventually tell them what I was up to.

I have done this to nearly everyone I know at one point or another. For this, I apologize.

When it was revealed to me that I use busyness as an excuse, I realized how wrong I had been to others. Thinking about what I had done made me realize that I have probably made people feel like I don’t trust them for not telling them that I was either busy or tired and I just needed alone time. Typically that was what I wanted whenever I tell people I am busy but don’t give a reason. I realized from talking to two other friends that they would have understood more if I actually said what I was busy with or why I didn’t want to hang out.

I’m just happy that I realized my issue before I drove people away.

Do you use busyness as an excuse? What have you done to stop it?

Far From Idle


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