Is Retail Dead?

Are you closed?
Are you closed?


No, but Customer Service is getting there.

Retail isn’t dead. The recent Apple release is the perfect example of this. They could create a toilet, add some cool, innovative tech, & call it the iPoo. (I guarantee everyone would go & buy it. I wonder if it’s already in the works? Haha)

Anyhow, retail isn’t dead. It may ebb & flow with the economy, but people need things. Whether toilet paper, food or the latest iPhone, retail isn’t going anywhere. The issue is with customer service.

I believe that this is where the big issue comes from. You’ve heard the horror stories, people being told they can’t be helped, bad attitudes & much more. I won’t go into the customer service issues (because I would be beating a dead horse), instead I’d like to offer some solutions I think would help.

1) Training. Not just customer service techniques & how to treat the customer right, but how about some training to learn the workings of the business? If they knew how everything worked in the business, perhaps they would be able to effectively help the customer better. What about some training in Psychology? Learning human behavior would be great for Customer Service Representatives so they can know what to expect when an irritated customer comes in because of a mistake the company made.

2) Pay them more. They are on the front lines dealing with the customer issues. Sometimes I feel like this is too much like right. If they can’t be paid more, offer better perks. Take care of the folks at the front line.

These are just a few of the things that I personally think would help retail. Customer service is always key. I am sure there are even more areas for improvement that I did not list. What are some other areas that Retail/Customer Service could use some improvements.

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3 thoughts on “Is Retail Dead?

  1. I work in customer service for a bank and we are paid very little. This low wage makes some people feel they don’t have to offer good service – this view is totallu wrong as they are paid to treat people correctly. I would also have loved more traning about certain products as I’ve learnt nearly everything as I’ve gone along.
    Attitudes amongst staff need to change and this could be done with an extra £1000 a year and better trainning. They could afford this it just isn’t done.

    1. First, thank you for your comment. When you say more training, what kind of training do you think you lacked? I agree that more money will definitely help, but I also think the attitude issue needs to be fixed. From your experience, what about the attitude needs to change & what do you think will change it? (Other than more pay).

      1. People just don’t feel pride when it comes to going to work anymore, I think it is far wider than more money or more training. They are spoilt as children and not expected to do as much work around the house etc The attitude will only change if children are taught manner and responsibility by their parents.

        And training on how to speak to customers, what words to say and how to address issues.

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