Why Retail is Dying.

Beating a Dead Horse
Beating a Dead Horse

Anywho, one of my readers made a comment stating that an issue is the attitude of Customer Service Representatives. Perhaps, this reader can elaborate for me. What I suspect they meant is that Attitude is an even bigger issue than the money. I heard someone say they have more to deal with in life than getting more money. That’s just a supply & demand issue. Though it never hurts to have more.

Attitude problems always seem to be band-aided up & sent back out when it comes to retail. I used to sell appliances when I was in high school & one of the biggest issues that I used to run into with other employees was their attitude when they worked with customers. They would literally have a fit when a customer had a question that they felt was an obvious answer. Look, if the answer was known by the customer they would have asked. They would have just purchased the appliance.

Where does this attitude originate from? Is it because the CSR (or sales person in this case) is overworked? Did they have an irate customer ruin their day? A person’s attitude in my opinion is a culmination of things that have happened to them & how they react.

Not everyone reacts to what happens to them the same. How does this get fixed though? Let’s say you are a CSR & you have proven yourself time & time again and your company refuses to pay you more. If you can’t quit until you find something else don’t keep looking. In the interim, make the best of your current situation. Go talk to your manager & tell them what you think should happen. If you feel yourself having an adverse reaction to an irate customer, instead of flipping on them and risking your position, ask your manager to come out & assist you in dealing with the issue. Since this is an Employer‘s market, they know they can replace you fairly quickly (especially in CSR positions with low retention rates).

Also, try & retain your CSR’s! What if CSR were paid similarly to the way Sales Reps are paid, off commission. Foe every customer they help retain, solve a problem, etc., they get a commission off of any business that comes from this customer’s problem being solved. I may be on to something here…

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