Announcement for all Far From Idle Readers

Greetings Idle’ers!

In an effort to increase my quality & better manage my schedule, I will be changing the way I post on Far From Idle. Kidding! I’ll still be posting 3 times a week. I think I just needed a break. Again. (Pretty soon though right?) I was honestly feeling a little burnt out.

The hiatus for the past few weeks has been due to some changes personally. I recently was named Editor over the Student Loan CPA Blog (Yay!), & I have picked up a few new clients. (Double Yay!)

I’ve also been completely distracted by the wonder that is Baseball. It’s the Post-Season! My team is competing in it.

So if you haven’t noticed from my posts these past few weeks, I’ve been focusing on Retail. Look out for Articles next week about why Best Buy Sucks, Mobile & its affect on all things retail & another way that I think Retail can be fixed. Hint: It has nothing to do with Mobile. I’ll ramble about that anyway!

Enjoy your weekend. Go Cardinals!

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