Mobile: The New Frontier

The New Frontier
The New Frontier

Imagine, in a land far far away. In a world where retailers focus more online to reach where the consumers are. Where if you aren’t mobile, you aren’t leading. Welcome to Web 3.0. Mobile.

Let’s face it. Mobile is Web 3.0. (Or at least an integral part.)

A majority of Marketers have known this for some time, as have I. It’s no secret that globally, smart phones, tablets & other mobile devices are quickly taking up our tech time.

Companies have formed that focus almost exclusively on Mobile Advertising with some very interesting methods of doing so.

So I think that if you are retail this is somehwhere you want to be. Here is why Mobile is the new Frontier:

1) Everything is mobile. Seriously,  what device do you use more than anything else? I suspect it’s your smartphone or tablet or laptop. Desktops are still around & still useful, however they can’t be mobilized as easily.

I’ll post more on this later, but to start read these articles/facts about the new frontier, mobile.

First, here are some facts about Mobile Marketing thus far:

According to research from Smaato Inc., the global mobile advertising market will reach $5.78 billion during 2012.

Big Markets outside the US: The U.S. market for mobile advertising makes up about $2 billion of the total revenues in 2012, but, in terms of potential consumers, the biggest markets are outside the U.S., especially in Asia. Many Asian countries have big mobile advertising markets because there are more smartphone and mobile device users than in the U.S. For example, Asia has 763 million mobile Internet users, compared to 159 million in the U.S. and 117 million in Europe. Source: Ryan Morel.

More Mobile Devices: By 2016, more than 2.6 Billion mobile devices will operational. Source: Investor Place

100 Billion App Downloads: Gartner forecasts that the total number of mobile app downloads (free and paid) will grow from 17.7 billion in 2011 to over 108 billion in 2015. Source: Investor Place

Much of this information comes from Ryan Morel & other sources I located over the internet. There are links throughout the post to these sources.

It really is the next Frontier for Marketers. I will be posting additional articles with more in depth studies & opinions about Mobile Marketing soon.

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