The Original Raven

The Original Raven
The Original Raven

At the end of the Football season, arguably one of the best Linebackers in Football history Ray Lewis will retire. I must admit, I was pretty sad.

I’ve been a Lewis fan since he played at the U (Miami Hurricanes). I’m pretty sure he is the only reason I am a Baltimore Ravens fan. The Ravens actually got their start in 1996. This was the same year that Mr. Lewis was drafted. I’ve been a fan since. Lewis is the Original Raven.

Lewis’ retirement signifies a changing of guard of sorts for the Ravens because Lewis was the clear leader, role model & example on & off the field. If you know anything about his career, you know about the Atlanta incident. After that however he stayed out of the mess ever since. Since then, he created a storied career that no one in his position has done. (For context, the second longest career for a Linebacker in the NFL is 11 seasons. Lewis has 17.)

I just finished watching him & the Ravens defeat the Colts. It was a joy to see Lewis finish off the game on the field with his classic dance. Check out some video’s below about the best Linebacker ever, Ray Lewis.

I wish him nothing but the best as he moves forward, & even more success for the Ravens!

Enjoy Lewis’ final Dance at M&T!

One more…

Here is the lesson. Be passionate. If you learn anything from the original Raven, learn that.

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