Test Driving the Scion FRS….

I decided on Saturday to go take a test drive of the new Scion FRS. The FRS is a concept that was struck up between Toyota and Subaru. The FRS is the direct cousin of the Subaru BRZ for anyone that is interested. The FRS rides like a dream!



Scion FRS
Scion FRS


I teared up as I took her on the driving course the dealership has for their cars. She hugged the corners in all the right places. No I didn’t buy it. There is no rule saying you can’t test drive a car with no intent to buy it. If you have some car you want to take out sometime, you should. It’s a nice way to spend an hour or so on your weekend. Well if you like cars anyway.

While I was driving enjoying the handling of the FRS, I found myself thinking about Marketing. It’s usually at the forefront of my mind when I’ve completely emptied it to relax. While pushing 100 MPH during the test drive, I began to think about how fast we all move and how it’s ok to slow down when you need to. Especially when it comes to Marketing. Traditional thinking says to move hard and fast and push push push the thing along to get the consumer to buy in. Wrong.

From my constant reading of anything that Seth Godin has put out, I’ve come to the conclusion that authenticity is king. When I was dealing with my friends at Molle Toyota, I definitely noticed that. The salesmen/women and staff I dealt with were all knowledgable and  passionate about these cars. Perhaps this has a lot to do with the fact that I believe they know a lot about their product. Go read All Marketers are Liars and see what I mean.

How do you slow yourself down in such a fast paced world? I think the answer is fairly simple. Do something that you truly enjoy. Once you find something that you enjoy, you won’t mind slowing down some to learn it. By learning it, I mean experimenting reading books, sharing the information you learn, consulting others etc.

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