Blackberry Z10. Blackberry is back.

Blackberry is back.
Blackberry is back.

They really are. Blackberry (formerly known as Research In Motion), recently debuted their new OS to us all. As well as some of their new devices like the Z10. This new operating system marks a new chapter for Blackberry and frankly I am impressed and excited.

First and foremost Blackberry finally changed its name to Blackberry! Their former name was Research In Motion. I always thought it wasn’t the best name for them. From a Branding standpoint, this is great! Blackberry is their best product and the most widely known one. Besides, everyone refers to Blackberry’s when they spoke of RIM. Even though it’s usually associated with some joke or insult. (You’re using a Blackberry?! Why?) I digress. Besides, if you ever used a Blackberry, (I owned 3 devices a Pearl, Bold and a Playbook for a short time) you know this is a solid device.

Have you ever told someone, hey check out my new RIM device? No. You always said Blackberry, well if you happened to own one. Smart move. It is what they are known for. This will make much of their marketing easier. The only way to get rid of that bad reputation they have is to deliver. This device needs to wow. I think that it will.

Check out the Blackberry Z10 review below. There are many.

Blackberry Z10 – Engadget

I’m excited. This device marks the beginning of the return of Blackberry. Why? with great additions like

Peek (A function that allows you to readily view all your communication channels)

Battery Freedom (It offers a case that allows you to store an extra battery)

and Timeshift (Captures all the moments up to taking a picture and allows you to select the best moment and save it)

Blackberry is back.

See the rest of the cool features here.

The biggest complaint for a lot of people is the current lack of app support. So? Look, we all use these smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc., but sit here and tell me that you use more than 20% of the apps you download. I end up deleting a lot of what I don’t use. Besides, give them time. The operating system just came out. Something tells me the Z10 won’t take over the mass Android and Apple users, but I think that they can get a decent amount of market share. It won’t happen instantly, but I think they can cut in. Windows Phone is still questionable to me. That is for another article.

Any who, I think that you should give Blackberry a serious chance. I’m impressed with the new strides. I may have to take a look.

Think I’m crazy? Tell me why in the comments below.

Next week, I’m going to talk about the Applebee’s debacle. Let’s see what else they mess up between now and then.

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