Build Suspense Please Netflix.

C'Mon Netflix
C’Mon Netflix


If you use Netflix in any way, then you more than likely know about their “new” series, House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey. First things first. The show is awesome, however it is NOT original. There is a UK version of this show. That is for another post. The story was essentially adapted for American viewers. After watching a majority of the show, I realized something. Netflix doesn’t seem to want to use this as a way to get new customers. Below is why.

1) They posted the first season’s episodes in one swoop. Wrong. They should have built suspense like every other great network show and show one episode per week to build suspense and get people to talk about it at their businesses, with friends, at wherever. For all the non-Netflix users, they would begin to wonder what they are missing out on and try the 14 day trial. Once they are on the 14 day trial and check out House of Cards and everything else Netflix offers, and with some good communication on Netflix’s end, they could have pulled in new customers. However, considering Netflix released all the episodes at once all someone really needs to do is take the 14 day trial and watch the episodes. Especially if they had no intent on using Netflix often. Until Season 2 begins, I don’t think anyone will care about House of Cards until then.

Although I am positive that House of Cards is the first of  many “Netflix Originals”, I think that this could have been executed a lot better than this.

I’m all for binge-watching a season of Futurama when sick, but for a show like this, that are this new a little suspense helps.

Just a thought.

Here is the lesson: Don’t reveal everything at the start. Build some suspense for your fans. It helps build momentum, keep customers and can help bring in new ones if you have something to offer.

Need some help building excitement? Drop me a line here.

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