Why I really LOVE Baseball.

It’s like life, completely and utterly unfair. At the same time, it is fair. I’m going to explain why.

The Art of Winning an unfair game.



I was sick a few days ago, and I needed some motivation to get me pumped to do some work. So, I turned to something that I enjoy, Baseball. I decided that it was a good time to watch one of my favorite baseball movies in recent years, Moneyball. (I.e. the tale of Billy Beane).

Baseball in my opinion is one of the most cutthroat, ruthless sports in all of sports. Why? It’s not just a physical game. It’s a mental game, a money game, a who wants it the most game. Look at the payrolls of the baseball teams. If you focus on the disparities between the expensive and not so expensive franchises (think the 1% and the 99%), you will notice that Baseball is a numbers game. Let’s look at the Yankee’s and the Marlin’s. Remember, we are only looking at numbers now not talent, size of market, legend of franchise, and many other factors. The Yankee’s payroll for 2013 of roughly over $208 million while the Marlin’s payroll was a little over $26 million for the year. Now, if you know anything about baseball, buying players get you nothing except their name and predicted ability. Last year, a majority of the Yankee’s players just were good, they just couldn’t put it together when it really counted (this does not include uncontrollable circumstances like injury). The Marlin’s could have been decent if they had better managing. (Don’t include this years complete gutting of the team or their sub-par manager.)

Here is the point. Like life, anything can happen. The same holds true for baseball. You can put all the money, “right” people, coaches, etc. into what seems the right place, and still not produce results. In the Marlin’s case, they put money in the wrong places, and still came out bad.

I think more than anything else, money, talent or otherwise it takes a little of something that we all can give. Effort.

With a little effort, one can move mountains. With a little effort, one can start a business. With a little effort one can make a dream come true. In Baseball’s case, winning the World Series, winning the triple crown, pitching a perfect game. To me, they go together in some strange way.

Or you can call it Hustle. Hustle and effort are very similar terms because they both need you to work. How do you win however in an unfair game? I’ll discuss in my next post. In the meantime, go watch Moneyball and share your thoughts.

How can you not be romantic about baseball?

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